Adopt Hoarded Waterfowl

Can you or someone you know, help these Victims of animal hoarding? Subjected to unhealthy environment & unnatural treatment, they desperately need loving ‘Forever’ homes as soon as a suitable person or family feels able to make this commitment.

GooseFeathers 2013-09-24 002GooseFeathers 2013-09-24 005GooseFeathers 2013-09-24 006GooseFeathers 2013-09-24 007GooseFeathers 2013-09-24 008GooseFeathers 2013-09-24 009


About Violet Skye.... aka 'Almost~Alice'

The Groovi-est, Purple-Beaded, Ever-Laughin', Dukk-Lovin', Barefoot, Dirt-Farmin', Hippi Chikki that you'll ever have the Sublime Pleasure to get to know!
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